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 Creation Lore 1

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PostSubject: Creation Lore 1   Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:23 am

Written on my fone in the subway.
Aeons ago, the world known as Encarnia was but a lifeless rock, known to the Great Fae as Evennia.

After many feuds beyond the ken of most mortals, a Fae we call by the name of Ashlan defeated another Fae, known today only as the great Python. From the great Python Ashlan wrestled the power to alter reality in Evennia and from there he breathed life into it, creating the world we today call Encarnia.

After creating man from the same clay, Ashlan and the other Fae disappeared from most mortal eyes for a long time. Even so, Ashlan would allow other, smaller and more capricious Fae to frollick in his creation. This led to many legends and eventually, events would occur that would change Encarnia forever, creating the world we know today.

In antiquity, the humans created empires that spanned the whole world; based first upon remembrance or worship of the Fae and later, upon the use of technology, which was sometimes viewed as an extension of the Fae or Ashlan's creation. But then, a mating between a human woman and a visiting Fae gave birth to the race of elves. The first elves possessed magical powers that could alter reality, almost to the same degree that their progenitor could alter it. The elves' civilization, sometimes called the Seelie Court or just the Elven Empire, quickly subjugated the humans and their technologies. Once rulers of all Encarnia, the humans found themselves not so much in slavery as obsolescence.

After the chaos caused by the birth of the Elves, Ashlan forbid any other Fae to mate with or otherwise alter the creatures who lived within his territory. Most of the Fae obeyed this decree, although occasionally one would consider the enjoyments or potential rewards worth the risk of getting mauled by Ashlan. Thus, over time the dwarves were created from stones and the animilian Otherkin, with their many shapes, were created by... something but overall, any further extreme permutations were prevented by Encarnia's One True King.

Unfortunately for the humans, Ashlan refused to rid them of the Elves, declaring that they had as much a right to live as any other creatures. As millennia passed, it became clear that even the elves were aging and that their magic powers were decreasing with each new generation. Coping with this fact eventually brought their empire low, although that is a story for another time.

Today, Encarnia is a land divided between north and south. In the north, the void left by the Elven Empire has given way to many factions and royal lines; a veritable dark age. Southward, a great mountain range separates the civilized world from violent and barely sentient races that are rumored to have been created not by Fae, but by humans and their technologies when they were at the height of their power. Dwarven kingdoms and Dark Elven extremists populate the mountains, effectively preventing civilization from having to cope with the dangerous hordes of the far south. On a peninsula to the east, the tiny Elven Kingdom of Lyzantium [sic] claims descent from the ancient empire but offers little help to elves who live outside its borders.

Amid the chaos, a secretive order claims to have done the unthinkable; to have captured a weakened Fae and imprisoned it underground. First an outpost, then a town and finally a great tower surrounded by strong walls sprung up over the location. The Tower gives a limited and distinctly dangerous amount of Fae magic to anyone who swears loyalty to its regent. They will take anyone, from human criminals to high elves looking to restore their former powers, so long as loyalty is sworn and the price is paid...

The Tower aims to create a new Empire, greater than any that came before. An Empire for all people, where elf and dwarf alike have access to Fae magic. Yet the capricious Fae is always looking for ways to escape its prison and there are beings that even Ashlan would rather not fight with. People who lose control of the magic become berserk and nightmares are sometimes spawned in the flesh from the minds of even the most disciplined citizens. Encarnia enters a new and uncertain phase of its history as the different races come together in a dubious attempt to master their creators.
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Creation Lore 1
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