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 The Elves and sub-races for elves

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The Elves and sub-races for elves Empty
PostSubject: The Elves and sub-races for elves   The Elves and sub-races for elves EmptyThu Jul 20, 2017 8:56 pm

Sub-Races: high Elves, half elves, wood elves, dark elves.

More info coming soon.
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The Elves and sub-races for elves Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Elves and sub-races for elves   The Elves and sub-races for elves EmptyThu Jul 20, 2017 10:18 pm

Here's the current Elven lore.  Let me know what you guys think.  I invite people to write their own lores for things.

Elves Lore

Although the exact origins of the event have been lost to time, a mating between a Fae and human women (and perhaps also human men; and there may have been more than a single Fae involved in this tryst) gave birth to the race of Elves.  These beings closely resembled humans but were far more beautiful, although cold in their countenance and with a powerful affinity to magic.  They also had pointed ears, a trait that has persisted among the Elven people despite all of the other strange twists and turns that came to befall them.

The first Elves, by now called the Old Ones, created an opulent but in some ways surprisingly humble empire that was at one with nature.  It was sometimes called the Seelie Court but at other times was simply referred to as the Elven Empire.  They believed themselves to be immortal and their magical powers were surpassed only by the Fae themselves.  But as the millennia passed, the Elves were forced to admit that they, too, were aging and even worse, their children seemed to possess less longevity, weaker magical powers and more human-like temperaments with each new generation that was brought into the world.

Although the original Elven Empire persisted for a long time, wrestling with this fact and dealing with the rare but persistent tendency for elves and humans to mate with each other eventually fractured the civilization.  An eugenics program was established that was meant to preserve the longevity and magical powers of the elves but the cruelty of this program, primarily towards humans but also towards elven dissenters, turned the elves from demi-Gods in the eyes of the other mortal races into tyrants.  From there it was only a matter of time before the great Empire was cast down, from within as well as from without.

Eventually the Elves split into multiple sub-races or factions.  The beings known today as High Elves keep to themselves, track their lineage and religiously only marry into other high elf families, although the ease of finding a suitable mate seems to grow more and more difficult with time; within the territory of The Tower, where all races mingle together, it is sometimes impossible.  Most high elves live in the small eastern empire of Lyzantium, located on the edge of an exceptionally well-fortified peninsula.  Lyzantium claims descent from the Seelie Court but does little to help high elves who live outside of its jurisdiction.

The Wood Elves care not for the struggles and pretenses of the high elves.  They prefer to live out in nature, as their ancestors did.  They will usually not marry with human beings and elusively keep to their own kind, but they also do not forbid it and it is from their populations that most half-elves appear.

Half-elves can come from any of the Elven races, except for the Dark Elves.  Their physical resemblance to elves are the most minimal and their magical powers are the weakest, although they generally possess greater physical strength than their elders do.

Finally there are the Dark Elves.  Shunned everywhere besides their own lands and the territories of The Tower, these beings refused to accept the fall of the Old Empire and performed dark rituals that prevent their members from being able to produce children with anyone who is not also a dark elf.  They were pushed to distant lands and engaged in many subterranean and mountainous struggles with the Dwarven race, eventually becoming too occupied and diminished to bear an existential threat to the other races... for now.
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The Elves and sub-races for elves
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