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 Help Banks/Help Bank

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It is important to keep your items safe as your traverse the world. You will be on all kinds of adventures, so walking around with your hard earned money is not wise. While keeping money in your pack is an option, there is no guarantee on its safety. Your city has a bank that will do that just, keep your money safe. In Encarnia, silver is of the highest value and is used as currency throughout the world. Earn it and keep it safe. Along with depositing your silver into your own bank account, you can donate gold to your guild, city or clan at the bank.

The city bank charges a small 5% fee when you make withdrawals, that goes straight to the city coffer. For instance, if you withdraw 100 silver, 5 silver will go to your city.4

Bank Locations:

The Corinth bank can be found by going south, south, south, east from the north gate.

Once you have find your bank, you can use these commands:

Deposit 20 – This will deposit 20 silver into your bank account.
Withdraw 20 – This will withdraw 20 silver from your account and into your hands.
Donate 20 – This will donate 20 silver to your city.

Donate guild 20 – This will donate 20 silver to your guild.
Bankaccounts – this will show you, from anywhere in Encarnia, how much is in your account.
Withdraw <amount> <reason> - This command is for city officials only. This will allow a city leader with the appropriate command to take out silver from the city coffers. The reason will be sent to the city logs which is viewable by (all citizens/only leadership.)

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Help Banks/Help Bank
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