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Immortal Seelie Fae

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PostSubject: HELP COMMUNICATION   Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:07 pm

Before I move this help file to the set ideas area, I am putting it here so others can comment on it and changes can be made as necessary:


There are several ways to communicate with other players all over Encarnia. Below are a list of options when choosing to converse with fellow denizens.

SAY <message> - This form of communication will be seen by everyone in the same room as you.

SAY TO <player> <message> - Like say, everyone in the same room can see it, but it will show who your public conversation is directed at.

SHOUT <message> - Everyone in Encarnia, regardless of their location, will be able to see your shout.

WHISPER <person> <message> - Allows you to whisper more privately to a person in the came location as you. Others will only see that you are whispering to the specified person, unless they have a trick up their sleeve.

TELL <person> <message> - Allows you to send a tell to a person specifically, regardless of their location in the world. Though by using this method, it may not be completely private.

TELLS - This command recalls and reviews your last ten tells.

CT <message> - CT allows you to communicate with everyone in your city.

GT <message> - GT allows you to communicate with everyone in your guild.

Other forms of communication can be found in HELP MESSAGES and HELP LETTERS.
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Immortal Seelie Fae

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PostSubject: Re: HELP COMMUNICATION   Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:10 pm

I realize Ashlan stated in another thread that he was basically on the fence about using TELLS.

But I think if we used TELLS as a "say to" option for people who just arent in your location, it would be better.

In Imperian, tells are private.

In Avalon, other people can see your tells if they are wearing a bug rune.

In Encarnia, we should do something similar to Avalon. It would add to a whole new element if person A and B were having a conversation about person C in tells, and they heard or found out about it. That could be pretty fun.
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King of Encarnia

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PostSubject: Re: HELP COMMUNICATION   Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:56 am

One challenge if we have tells (which I'm still leaning against tbh, at least until the player base gets larger and we can come up with things better than bug runes) is syntax. Since we allow spaces in names, this makes parsing a long command difficult without having a common term that can separate the tell from the player's name.

By default Evennia uses a lot of =, for example, the give command was originall "give item = player". This was easy enough to change the "=" to " to " since that's always in there and item names don't end with " to" so no problem there.

Tells are way more flexible so we'd have to either change names to be only one word (which I'm against right now) or use some kind of indicator, like "tell name: message" or something else.
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