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Immortal Seelie Fae

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PostSubject: HELP MOVEMENT   Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:11 pm

I am posting this here to get feedback from everyone regarding the movement in Encarnia that either is implemented now, or will be in the future, before I move this to the Set Ideas area where it will then be put in a help file in game. Please post your suggestions and changes can be discussed and made accordingly. Not all of these movements may make it into the game, but this is my suggested help file. Please discuss!


Moving in Encarnia is quite simple. You can move around the world by using the compass directions: North, Northeast, Northwest, South, Southeast, Southwest, West, East, Up, Down, In or Out.

To gain your surroundings, you can type LOOK or L to see what directions you can move in. All exits will be listed at the bottom of the description of each room. You will no doubt come across many doors throughout Encarnia. Some may be closed, in which can you can OPEN DOOR <direction> before then moving in the direction of the door. CLOSE DOOR <direction> will close the door. Assuming you have the appropriate key for the door, you can LOCK DOOR <direction> or UNLOCK DOOR <direction>.

EXITS – Will list all visible exits. Hidden exits will remain hidden.
GLANCE –  Glance at your location to get basic information about it.
GLANCE <direction> - Allows you to glance in specific directions.
LOOK – This will give you detailed information about your environment.
SURVEY – This will allow you to survey the type of area you are in.
ENTER <object> - This allows you to enter the carriage.
LEAVE <object> - This allows you to leave the carriage.
BOARD <item> - This will allow you to enter a boat.
CLIMB <item> - This will allow you to climb a ladder or a tree.
MOUNT <item> - This will allow you to climb onto a mount.
DISMOUNT <item> - This will allow you to climb off of your mount.
FOLLOW <player> - Begin to follow another player around.
UNFOLLOW <player> - Use this to stop following around another player.
SWIM <direction> - Use this to navigate through water.
STRUGGLE – To set yourself free from any type of trap or restraint.
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King of Encarnia

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PostSubject: Re: HELP MOVEMENT   Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:57 am

Survey seems most likely to come in first since it would work with the existing weapon system well. Probably STRUGGLE after that, although web-like things I am planning on having work a little bit differently.
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