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 Newbie Intro - The Emerald Isles

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PostSubject: Newbie Intro - The Emerald Isles   Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:02 pm

Newbie Intro

Newbies will start the game on a ship in rough seas. It is night and very dark. The ship will crash on a decently sized island in an area called Shipwreck cove. The sea out on that side of the island is extremely harsh, and the way the island is shaped makes it easy for ships to violently crash into it. Players will be saved by NPC inhabitants in the Island who have made the place their home. Players will learn basic things here about the game and their skills while bashing creatures and building items to help them venture forth to the main continent of Encarnia.

The island will actually be on main island connected to two or three other smaller ones. The islands are named The Emerald Isles and are lush green and wild. The only encampment is where the NPC's have settled where they have a cozy establishment where they live off the wild. There are only a handful of NPC's who live here, maybe 6 all together. The newbies should only be here until level 5(Thoughts?), because they will be missing vital guild skills to help properly level.

When the player first wakes up from the shipwreck, they will be on the beach in the cove where the NPC saved them. They will then go from there and get clothes, a weapon(s) and a backpack(?). The Newbie will then be taught how to chop down trees (See my post about trees). The Newbie will be able to venture outside the encampment and basically kill whatever they want and bring the corpses back to the camp to be used as food. While they are out bashing, they will need to chop down trees and collect the wood to bring back to the camp for another NPC to build them a special item. The special item will be a boat for them to travel to the main continent when they reach level 5.

Once they reach level 5(?) and travel to the main continent, they will be met by an NPC who helps induct them into a guild and city(when the have multiple cities) and instruct them on what to do next(and what help files to read) Hopefully here, once we have enough players, they can also step in and help acclimate newbies to the world.

Things we need to come up with for this Newbie intro:

1) We need to figure out why they were on the ship in the first place and why they are going to Encarnia instead of going back to where they came from.
2) From what I understand from Ashlan, the planet name is Encarnia. If that is the case we need to name the main continent, as well as any place they may have traveled from.

Please feel free to post suggestions/changes/ideas to add to this so we can begin work on it!
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Newbie Intro - The Emerald Isles
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