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 Families in Encarnia

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PostSubject: Families in Encarnia   Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:14 pm

So families in Encarnia will be unique. There will be three features: Player bloodlines, NPC birth and NPC adoption.

Player Bloodlines
So lets start with player bloodlines. It is pretty simple. Players with no previous proclaimed bloodline can proclaim each other as siblings, or parent and child.

If player A is married to player B, both player A and B would have to accept parentage of player C, otherwise it will just show whichever one inducting her into the bloodline as the parent.

So here are some suggest commands for bloodlines:

BLOODLINE STATUS - Shows the status of your personal family relations.

BLOODLINE CONSIDER <person> AS <sibling|child> - Consider the person as your child or sibling. This must be done in the presence of the child or sibling at the Bloodline Registry(or another specific location). If the child is being bloodlined by a couple, both parents must be present, though the missing parent can come in later and consider the player as their child.

BLOODLINE ACCEPT <person> AS <sibling|child> - After the one year consideration period you may accept the sibling or child into your family. This must be done in the presence of the child or sibling at the Bloodline Registry(or another specific location). If the child is being bloodlined by a couple, both parents must be present.

BLOODLINE REJECT <PARENT|CHILD|SIBLING> - At any time during the consideration period or at the end of it, you may reject the child, sibling or parent (any may do so) to break the familial bond. This does not have to be done at the Registry or in the presence of the other person.

FOUND BLOODLINE <name> - You may create a family name. To do so you must be in the Bloodline Registry and have at least one person bloodlined to you in some fashion. It may be a spouse, sibling, or child. Remember to capitalize your family name when registering. A fee of 2,000 riyal will be taken.

BLOODLINE SHOW <person> - Shows someone's bloodline, going up to three generations back and three generations forward.

NPC Birth
There truly aren't many games that provide this feature. One text game that I know of. So it is pretty unique. Female players can approach the gods for a blessing of pregnancy, and if deemed worthy, they will make it so.

The pregnancy would last 9 in game months, and at the end the player would use the command to BEAR CHILD, or something similar. It would be important to have a player housing established with proper locks to keep your child safe. Other people would be table to take and claim your child should you loose them. Unlike most games with this feature, the child NPC would grow. You would be able to name and describe your child NPC, which would be important as the child grows. When of age, the then adult NPC could attain a job such as mining, felling trees, fishing, etc., that would bring the family coffer some money.

PARENT NAME <child#> <name> - name your child.
PARENT DESC <child#> <desc> - Describe how your child looks.
ORDER <child#> FOLLOW/LOSE - order your child to follow you, or lose your child so they stop following you.
PARENT SET <child#> JOB <jobtype> - set your adult child up with a job!

More commands may come later.

There may be some instance where parents become careless. Maybe they drop their child in the woods or a busy city street. A person may come by and claim the child, or they may bring the child to the orphanage. This is why it is best to keep a safe home for your child, as to not lose them. If your child happens in the orphanage, you'll be able to retrieve them. If a player has your child, you will have to approach that player.

If you want to adopt a child from the orphanage, you would have to deal with the ministry that deals with that area.

Possible commands:

REQUEST ADOPTION - sends a request to the city ministry leader who deals with adoptions.
ADOPTION REQUESTS - shows a list of adoption requests from players.
ADOPTION APPROVE <player> - approves the adoption request of a player.
ADOPTION REJECT <player> - reject the adoption request of a player.
ADOPT CHILD <gender> - Once their adoption request is approved, players can goto the orphanage and use this command to adopt a child, who will be placed in their inventory if they are young. Older children will be set to follow the player.

Once adopted, players will also have the usage of the commands under NPC Birth.
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Families in Encarnia
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