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 Unique Guild Resources

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PostSubject: Unique Guild Resources   Unique Guild Resources EmptyWed Aug 09, 2017 3:31 am

I'd like for guilds to have unique resources that give more character to their classes.  I only have so many ideas though..

Reavers (undead melee combat class): "life essence" which is gained by draining fallen player remains.  This resource won't generate in any other way.

Harbingers: tarot cards and the "hands" system I mentioned previously.

Vampires: blood as a resource (won't be too significant though) and time of day/room type management.

Druids: trees, forest locations, etc.

Knights of the Swan: ??? Maybe something mask related since swans sort of have masks?

Crow's Crown: ???

Unnamed Corinth mages: ??? Maybe something momentum/fire having things to burn related, so the more consecutive attacks they get off the stronger they become?

Example skill, cauterize: after taking lethal damage, the fire mage doesn't die right away, but will die maybe 10 seconds later if he can't get his flame level up to a certain point to snuff it.  Will probably also have a critical hits chance skill, so there should be no "safe" way for allies to let them hit them to get their fire level up. Would have a long cooldown.
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Unique Guild Resources
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