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 The Stalkers (Possible name change)

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Immortal Seelie Fae

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PostSubject: The Stalkers (Possible name change)   Thu Jul 20, 2017 9:17 pm

The name is up to possibly change for this class/guild.

The Stalkers are very strong, but can only attack NPC's and players corrupted by the Fae in Berserking mode.

More info coming soon.
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King of Encarnia

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PostSubject: Re: The Stalkers (Possible name change)   Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:17 pm

Hi guys, I am putting stalkers lower on the to-do list for now. Here's my reasoning. Also, again, great job setting up a forum! I love forums Smile

Regarding this guild-to-be. I wanted the magic system to turn someone into a "berserk fae" and make them open PvP if they use too much magic. But in return, they'd have to be able to attack people when berserk. And trolls would probably go berserk on purpose so that they could attack people.

This probably wouldn't work out as a regular occurrence. I'm thinking that when a person uses too much magic and dies (I intend to keep that in the game, although it'll be somewhat hard to do) they'll be replaced by a berserk fae NPC that copies their description and their character will just die. And maybe, every now and then (probably using a time limit) they would get to play as the berserk fae, at which point it might make sense to put in the Stalkers, Slayers or some similarly named guild. But this is all pretty theoretical for now. The whole thing is unfortunately not something that I see working out well during the early stages of making a MUD but maybe some day!
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The Stalkers (Possible name change)
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