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 Suggestion Forum Structure

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PostSubject: Suggestion Forum Structure   Suggestion Forum Structure EmptyFri Jul 28, 2017 10:11 pm

The number of threads in this forum are rising.
I imagine the suggestion forum will become restricted to users below builders privilege, once the game reaches the alpha version.

As our forum focused on development, the suggestion forum should contain all ideas we want to talk about, structured in a way to encourage discussion.
This way, we know what topics are already set in stone and which ones are up to discussion and can evolve.
It has been rather hard to distinguish between both, with the current layout forum, and it makes it harder for team members to contribute to different subjects. Once a topic has been discussed and everyone is in agreement, the thread can than be moved to the main forum (everything above the suggestion sub forum). Before any topic is set, or if there are any questions, they can be asked here, internally.

Since we already have a Builder forum, we can branch both under one name, say Team or Staff, and make the rest of the forum available to normal players. This will make it easier on our end and the new members can browse it as well, without being bothered about what the staff is developing.

To help with the structure of this forum, here is a proposed layout:

- World
 -- Corinth
 -- Undead Town
 -- Worldmap
 -- Natural Ressources

- Lore and History

- Character
 -- Races
 -- Classes
 -- Guild/Jobs
 -- Clan

- Player Mechanics
 -- Stats
 -- Skills
 -- Crafting

- Quests

- Game Mechanics
 -- Time
 -- Weather
 -- Money
 -- Communication

- Building
 -- Template Objects

- = Forum
-- = Thread
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Posts : 7
Join date : 2017-07-23

Suggestion Forum Structure Empty
PostSubject: Re: Suggestion Forum Structure   Suggestion Forum Structure EmptySat Jul 29, 2017 4:05 am

Hey Mods, thanks for completing my request!

I'm a bit confused maybe there was a misunderstanding, will players be able to see all of this?
I thought the forum would look like this.

- Every thing that is already decided.
  - Suggestion
    - Everything that is not already set in stone.
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Suggestion Forum Structure
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